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New Community Cafe

New Community Cafe

2 Feb 2023

The Snowflake Trust was established in 2006 to provide and promote the provision of accommodation, shelter and housing and any ancillary facilities to those in need in Hastings and St Leonards. For 9 years, up until March 2020 the Trust provided a temporary winter rolling night shelter, the Snowflake Winter Night Shelter, for those people who would have otherwise been sleeping rough on the streets of Hastings and St Leonards. In 2017 we were awarded "Excellent Practice" by Housing Justice, a recognised assurance to funders, local authorities, insurers, shelter guests and the local community that the shelter was run to the highest standard.

Following the global pandemic and decisions made by central government, the Trust is no longer able to operate in the same way as it used to. For the last 3 years it has been supporting those homeless people who were placed in temporary accommodation over the winter by providing hot evening meals, seven days a week over the winter period.

In light of the government’s latest guidance published in August 2022, the Trust has decided, after discussions with other interested agencies and community groups, to open a Community Café in central Hastings. It will be a not for profit coffee house and hub, that allows people from all different walks of life to engage with each other, connecting resources in our community to the needs of our community in a warm, safe, welcoming atmosphere.

The Trust is in negotiations for a lease on a property, which are in their final stages. We are currently seeking volunteers for this exciting project. We are looking for people who can help prepare food, hot drinks, serve tables or become part of our welcoming team, full training will be given. Join us and help us build a community where everybody belongs.

To find out more about the Snowflake Trust and how to help please visit our website at or on facebook @snowflaketrust