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Supporting the Homeless - Contact us for more information





The Snowflake Trust aims to not only feed the homeless but also provide them with the tools and support to get back on their feet and off the streets.

I believe that we can help each other and, in turn, change the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. The Snowflake Trust was established in 2006 with the mission to provide accommodation, shelter, and housing, as well as ancillary facilities, to those in need in Hastings and St Leonards.

For nine years, until March 2020, the Trust operated a temporary winter rolling night shelter for individuals who would have otherwise been sleeping rough on the streets of Hastings and St Leonards. In 2017, we were recognized for "Excellent Practice" by Housing Justice, which assured funders, local authorities, insurers, shelter guests, and the local community that our shelter was run to the highest standard.

However, due to the global pandemic and decisions made by central government, the Trust is no longer able to operate in the same way as before. Instead, for the past three years, we have been providing hot evening meals, seven days a week over the winter period, to homeless individuals who were placed in temporary accommodation during the winter.

After discussions with other interested agencies and community groups, the Trust has decided to open a Community Café in central Hastings. This not-for-profit coffee house and hub will provide a warm, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life to engage with each other and connect community resources to the needs of our community. Additionally, we plan to have a welfare centre where homeless people can access facilities such as laundry, showers, and advice and guidance from support services. We are aiming to open the coffee shop at the beginning of May and are currently seeking ongoing sponsorship for both this project and future projects.

The Snowflake Trust is one of the longest running charities in the local area and is well-known amongst the community. By sponsoring our projects, you can advertise your company, engage with the community, and make a significant change in the lives of people in need.



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To Sponsor us, please email our fundraising co-ordinator Jacqui Edwards at